About Global Traceroute

Global Traceroute allows measurements from almost any network in the world. It allows quick and easy traceroutes, pings, and DNS lookups from most of the world's major end user ISPs. We do this by leveraging the RIPE Atlas infrastructure, which has probes that have been distributed to individual users in far flung corners of the earth.

Global Traceroute solves a long-running problem in network operations. One of the things needed when troubleshooting Internet routing problems is information about inbound paths, but that information wasn't previously readily available. Various measurement systems allowed network engineers to look at performance issues, outbound paths, and what router interface inbound traffic was coming in on. But determining the full path inbound traffic was taking — why users of some ISP in Asia were having their traffic show up in Europe, for instance, was much more difficult.

Looking glasses and commercial performance monitoring systems allowed traceroutes from their probes, but those often weren't where end users were. RIPE Atlas has probes where a lot of end users are, but configuring one time measurements whenever a traceroute was needed from a simulated end user was too cumbersome to do unless desperate. With Global Traceroute, finding the inbound path your users are taking is easy.

New, in Global Traceroute 2.0, we have added:

Global Traceroute is a product of Link Level Consulting LLC, and has no affiliation with the RIPE NCC.